(Nothing But) Flowers

Arroyo Lupine

Arroyo Lupine

During the early springtime, I doubt that there is a nicer spot in downtown Los Angeles to get locked out of the office. A bit of carelessness that would normally be a significant aggravation turned into an impromptu stroll through the wildflowers as we headed toward the southern office for rescue. We enjoyed the morning breeze and an up-close look at the explosion of color covering the northern half of the park.

For all you downtowners growing weary of the monochrome landscape of cubicles and stale air of office towers, I highly recommend taking a moment to be locked out. Hop on the Metro Redline or Chinatown Dash and head for Union Station or Chinatown. The Gold line will get you one stop further to the Chinatown Station from Union. Take a short walk down the station stairs towards LASHP (or down College from Broadway if you are coming from the Dash) and get lost for a few minutes amongst the lupines, poppies, and tidy tips.

Hearing the birds and quiet rustle of long grass and willows you will hardly believe that this gentle place once clanked non-stop with trains as the Southern Pacific River Station – the hub of industrial development in late 19th and early 20th century Los Angeles.

California Poppies

California Poppies



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