People of the Park #1

Here at Los Angeles State Historic Park, there is a constant influx of individuals, each with their own interests and stories. As a part of being a historic park, we are interested in actively searching out and preserving current histories unfolding in Los Angeles and more specifically here in the park. For the first post in this series we spoke with artist Eric Merrell, who was painting in the park when we approached him.

Eric Merrell Painting at LASHP

Eric Merrell Painting at LASHP

Eric is an artist based in Rosemead, and he prefers to work on location when starting a painting. In order to get the interplay of light, shawdows and colors correct and then his finishes his pieces in his studio. He mentioned that this was his first time visiting the park and really liked the light on the bluff just north of the park. The bluff, concurrent with an open view corridor up to Elysian Park and Solano Canyon, is a significant feature of the historic landscape that comprises and surrounds LASHP. We hope that Eric will be back and we look forward to continuing to meet new people here at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Check out Eric’s website, here, with some lovely landscapes and a set of historic Adobes, including Pio Pico’s home in Whittier, yet another of our Los Angeles Sector Historic Parks.



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4 responses to “People of the Park #1

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  2. WOW! An Eric Merrell sighting is a great thing! He is one of the best here in Southern Cali, so that must have been a treat to watch him work. Check out his site to see his work.

  3. If you get a chance to see him work on location it will be well worth your time, and then when you are able to see the finished work, it’s an eye opener and a joy to behold.

  4. Wish I was there! Would love to watch Eric work, as his paintings show such a great understanding of light and composition.

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