Protecting the Resource

Our archaeologists spotted a nesting Killdeer in the park and went out of their way to make a safe haven for it near their dig site.

Nesting Killdeer

Nesting Killdeer

We actually spotted this little mama last week in the evening hours and thought she was acting a bit peculiar. She stayed on the ground but did a lot of fluttering about with one wing outstretched and then wandered away from from the place we initially spotted her. The fluttering and wandering continued until she eventually flew off. It was exciting to see her again and learn that she was actually nesting and protecting an egg. This explains the strange behavior we noticed earlier. Turns out that Killdeer are known for their acting skills -faking injuries to divert a predator’s attention away from their nest or brood. Believing a predator was near, she was probably feigning a broken wing. Killdeer are actually the most widespread shorebird in California, so it’s interesting to see her inland. Possbily our proximity to the Los Angeles river? You’ll notice she picked a nice gravelly spot, similar to gravelly shorelines that are the usual Killdeer nesting habitat. Anyway, it was a thrill to see her again so contently nesting in the light of day. No faked injuries this time around. Those orange cones must really do the trick.

Do you see her?

Do you see her?



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