Babywatch ’09

Caught the little Killdeer off her nest, and off her gaurd, yesterday with eggs left exposed for the world to see. They blend in very well and are not easy to spot, but look closely and you should be able to see the four eggs nicely arranged and patiently awaiting her return.



Turns out, she was close by, but when she realized she was being watched, she put on a little performance, pretending to be injured as a distraction from the vulnerable nest.

A Broken Wing?

A Broken Wing?

She made her way back soon enough to settle down and get back to business.

Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound



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3 responses to “Babywatch ’09

  1. Jeri Sloane

    I love the egg photo. It’s not often you get to see that, even around these parts! Look at me, I’m injured.

    • Yes, quite exciting to see. But predators are still a threat. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to see healthy, scampering chicks.

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