FYF Fest – Save Our State Parks!

Tales of Madame Wong

Tales of Madame Wong

Yes, the highly anticipated Ffy Fest has come and gone. And from the looks of the park on Sunday, someone certainly had a good time. We had great fun with our State Parks booth showcasing the saga of Madame Wong’s vs. the Hong Kong Cafe and the ensuing Chinatown “Punk Rock Wars” that is the stuff of Los Angeles punk rock legend and lore. Our little exhibit was well-received by the younger folks to whom the story was new, and by those oldsters who’ve been around long enough to remember that punk rock and indie music have a significant and interesting history in L.A.’s Chinatown and environs. Another hit was the California State Parks Foundation, with their Save Our State Parks booth, in partnership with the festival to raise awareness regarding the dire situation and imminent closures facing many of our State Parks due to budget cuts.

Showing the love!

Showing the love!

More love for State Parks

More love for State Parks

Best of all, were the bunches of new, young visitors who were thrilled not only to hang out and enjoy their favorite bands, but also to discover Los Angeles State Historic Park!




Check out the LA times blog for a review of the festival! Unlike some of us, they managed to stay for the after dark excitement.



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