What a curious shrub...

What a curious shrub...

We are back today with our first NAME THAT…..SHRUB?! Like our “Name That Tree” guests, this shrub can be found here in the park. Granted we only have one here in our park, but we hope that this volunteer seeds and creates new shrubs. On to the challenge…

This shrub likes areas around water courses, has a distinct earthy grass-like smell, and the name that is commonly used today was given to it by miners who tie certain animals to it for a quick bite to eat. The Tongva people called it Mahar and used this bush for numerous practical purposes. Some of these uses included using the stems to make arrows, using leaves and stems for eyewash, to relieve toothaches and as a hair wash to prevent baldness and as a rinse to restore thinning hair. A poultice was applied to bruises, wounds, and insect bites. What shrub could be so versitle?

Our guest today is…..Mulefat! Yes indeed, who knew this shrub had such a history. If you want to see and smell this plant first hand come on down to Los Angeles State Historic Park. Tune in next time for another round of NAME….THAT….SHRUB!

Our friend, Mulefat

Our friend, Mulefat


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