Name That Grass!

Today we are back with our first round of Name…That….Tree…..Shrub…..Grass! First off, this stout grass is a native to Southern California and was call Su.ul by the Tongva people. The seeds (pictured below) were gathered and ground into a “meal” and mixed with various other seeds.

Seeds from "_____ ______".

The grass plant consists of numerous long thin stalks of grass, which were utilized by the Tongva People and other Native American groups in the art of Basket making. Also, the stalks were pulled apart and used as thread for clothing.

A bushy plant

A bushy plant

What could this grass be…..well my friends, meet Deer Grass! Yes indeed, this grass is native and is a great landscaping grass that can be used in place of non-native invasive species like Pampas Grass or Fountain Grass.


Lovely Deer Grass

Also, an interesting side note about Deer Grass here L.A. State Historic Park is, at the south end of the park it delineates the shape of the old freight depot. Check out the outline below.


The Shape of the Old Freight Depot at the South End of the Park


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