Our Current Residents

Well if you have been to our park in the last few weeks, you may have noticed a flurry of activity in the sky above our park. These energetic birds are our yearly residents, the Cliff Swallows. They have built their nests at the north end of the park on the Broadway Street Bridge and will only be here for a few more weeks, so don’t miss your chance to witness there air acrobatics.
BIRD FACT: Cliff Swallows are the most common swallows in Southern California.

A Cliff Swallow in the sky above Los Angeles State Historic Park.

You can tell it's a Barn Swallow by it's forked tail.

Although this picture is not as clear as the one above, it depicts a Barn Swallow in flight at L.A. State Historic Park. The easiest way to differentiate between the two types of swallows is that Barn Swallows have forked tails and Cliff Swallow have flat tails. Although the Barn Swallows have not been nearly as prevalent as the Cliff Swallows in our park, if you look close enough you may be able to spot one.
BIRD FACT: The Barn Swallow is also common throughout most parts of Europe.


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