Dog Of The Week

Gumbo the dog.

We return to Dog Of The Week with a dog that is nothing short of great. Meet Gumbo the dog; he is a 7 year old akita-pitbull-great dane mix. Now most people who meet Gumbo for the first time are somewhat weary of approaching him, but if you take the chance, you will be greatly rewarded. He is a giant dog with an even bigger heart, who gladly accepts pets from anyone brave enough to approach. I mean how could you fear a dog with such a big smile.

Look at the smile.


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  1. I have an Akita/Dane/pit- most awesome dog I have ever known-
    Loyal shadow – happy fellow- I rescued him from a shelter where he had been for 1.5 years. He was labeled as aggressive and uncontrollable- very very strong – our first 6 hour visit I questioned weather he was the dog for me- but as soon as he moved around enough to wear off his cage rage-
    Oh my he’s been a lamb ever since- plays well with others. When I sit down he lays Iat my feet when I get up he follows- within 24 hours of bringing him home Ihe relaxed into being possibly the bet dog I have ever known or had.
    If this dog is anything like my bodacious Bruce– and they look like they could be cousins or brothers- right down to the lightly rolled ear tip – he is just a lamb in a wolfs coat! Don’t be afraid- feel the love-the protection and the loyalty of this awesome mix and you’ll never want a purebred again!- I feel safer with my dog Bruce in the house than Iwould with a gun. Good luck gumbo – hope your special person shows up soon!

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