Special Dog Of The Week

Bogart the dog is looking for a nice home

Greetings, meet Bogart the dog. Now you may be wondering why Bogart has been bestowed with the title of Special Dog Of The Week, well Bogart is looking for a permanent home. That’s right, I was sent these photos by Bogart’s foster parents while he was enjoying L.A. State Historic Park, saying that Bogart is a loving dog who is looking for nice family to play with. Bogart’s foster mom describes him as this:

Bogart is a spirited 2.5 year-old Beagle mix about 20lbs in size who is housebroken and fixed. Bogart is curious about what’s going on around him, and inside he will gladly lay at your feet and follow you around the house. He is quiet, very rarely barks, but whines for a few minutes when someone is leaving the house. Once outside, Bogart is energetic, ready to run around and investigate. He is a confident dog, eager to meet and play with other dogs and people. Bogart could work well in a house or apartment setting as long as he has time outside once or twice a day to play.

If you are interested in adopting Bogart follow this link. There you can email this foster dog house and get the ball rolling. Of course, Bogart could never have been Special Dog Of The Week if he hadn’t been wearing his leash.

Bogart the dog


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