Name That Sage

What kind of sage could this be?

Greetings everyone, and welcome to out first round of NAME….THAT……SAGE! Today’s mystery guest is native to Southern California and not surprisingly is in the sage family. The Tongva people (the Native Americans who lived in this area prior to the arrival of the Spanish) would make a poultice out of the leaves which were used for earaches and applied to the throat for sore throats. It has a sweeter, cleaner smell, less body odor like compared to other sages. During times of drought, the leaves will take on a darker tint, almost black.

What nice leaves.

The mystery guest is……….Black Sage! That’s right this fine specimen can be found at the north end of Los Angeles State Historic Park. So next time you are walking the track, keep your eyes peeled for this fine sage plant.



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2 responses to “Name That Sage

  1. tim2kirk

    It’s BLACK SAGE! What did I win?

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