North Spring Street Gets A Facelift

Cars travel south via one lane on the Spring street bridge

Upon arriving to work this morning, we noticed something different about North Spring Street. Crossing the bridge, heading towards downtown, we were relegated to one lane. Thinking that this may be related to the widening of North Spring Street and possibly the widening of the Spring Street Bridge, we went and talked to one of city workers sweeping up the street. What he told us was that they were reducing North Spring to one westbound lane in order to give room to workers to begin to widen the south side of North Spring.

City worker blasts off old street stripping on North Spring street

Although the lanes are being, what looks to be permanently restriped, he mentioned that it will only remain this way for three to four months as construction happens, moving back to two lanes in either direction, once the street widening is completed.

Van moves past LASHP utilizing the single southbound lane on N. Spring

One already beneficial outcome of this adjustment is the reduction in speed of motorists traveling westbound on North Spring. Unfortunately for cyclists, the already somewhat hairy stretch of North Spring has become even less bike friendly, either take the lane or ride directly in the gutter. For those bicyclists that may want a 1/2 mile of respite while traveling westbound, they may enter the park where Baker Street meets North Spring, granted you have to hop off your bike to go under the parking gate, but they then can ride through the park and exit at our main entrance which is a stones throw from the Chinatown Gold Line stop.

Arrows now tell users to merge into one lane heading west over Spring St bridge

As adjustments to North Spring Street move forward, we will be sure to keep you updated. Also if any readers have any more information feel free to leave a comment and enlighten us.


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