For those of you looking for a fun event on Sunday April 10th, we’ve got just the thing for you! CicLAvia is just around the corner and guaranteed to be a blast. We went last year and it was fascinating to ride bikes on car-less streets, especially in Los Angeles. This month’s route is the same as last year, which takes you through normally car congested streets. But on April 10th, the streets will be closed to cars. Instead you will find cyclists, pedestrians, skate boarders, roller bladers and more! Come support this amazing event, and if you are looking for a place to picnic after biking, LASHP is sure to have the space and pleasant spring weather! Hope to see you there!



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3 responses to “CicLAvia!

  1. Michael

    Is the park still fenced off like last week?

  2. We will check that our for you and let you know!

  3. Areas of the lawn are still fenced for turf repair, but the park is open.

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