HARD Summer Music Fest!

HARD Summer Music Festival

The HARD Summer Fest is coming back to LASHP this year and it is right around the corner. Join us, Saturday August 6th for the festival!



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5 responses to “HARD Summer Music Fest!

  1. molly

    where does the money go for something like this? does the money get poured back into the park so it can finally be developed? honestly, this concert must have grossed in the millions…

    • Hi Molly,

      Thanks for your comment. Events like this are very important to the park, as the revenue helps to maintain the park in its current stage. The “Build Out” phase is set to begin in 2013. These events do generate revenue, and a portion of that revenue comes to the park for staffing needs and basic operations. The park remains off of the closure list because events like this help us to sustain our self.

      Thanks for your interest,

      Keleigh Apperson
      Park Interpretive Specialist
      (323) 441-8819

  2. I find it interesting that this state park is being used as a gigantic commercial concert venue. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big music fan, I saw the lineup and wish I could have attended, but the tickets were going for 100 bucks a pop. At 30k people that equals 3 million dollars ticket gross, a pretty nice chunk of change. I am a chinatown resident and I utilize the park often. It’s the only space around that offers a respite to the city streets. It’s just a bit frustrating when you see very little progress being made with the park. I’m sure someone is benefitting from the revenue being brought in by these mega events. I really hope all this cash is going back into the park.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thank you for your comment. Just as a heads up for next year, tickets generally begin at around $40.00 and continually rise in price as they sell out. A portion of the revenue from the event does go back to the park to help maintain it as is. Our “Build Out” phase is set to begin in 2013. As of right now the revenue from special events helps to keep us as self sustaining and open.

      Thanks for your interest,

      Keleigh Apperson
      Park Interpretive Specialist
      (323) 441- 8819

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