Event Season

Summer is the busy season at Los Angeles State Historic Park with the months of August/September bookended by two major events, the HARD Summer Music Festival and the FYF Fest. Both of these events expanded for 2012, covering two weekend days, attracting thousands of visitors and considerable media attention.  From the Hollywood Reporter, “The first of the FYF Festival’s current downtown incarnation to be held over two days, it gave the appearance  of settling in nicely as the city’s biggest, most official music festival. Think: a local Coachella, or, in the absence of the long-running Sunset Junction, a welcome gathering of music and art on LA’s east side.” Earlier in the year, Gary Richards, the force behind HARD Summer spoke to the New York Times about Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, as an emerging mainstream genre with a huge young audience and revenue potential, “I’ve been working in this for 20 years and nobody cared. Now it’s so massive that everybody wants a piece of it.”  According to the Times, “The big dance festivals have built themselves into valuable brands, able to sell tickets on their name alone and the immersive audio-visual spectacles they present.”  LASHP is excited to grow along with HARD and FYF, becoming not only a park, but a premier venue for these very LA-centric events and a self-supporting model for parks throughout the California State Park system.

LASHP diversified further this year, welcoming Univision’s H20 Festival on August 25th.  Univision, and co-sponsor MiO, teamed up to offer an eclectic mix of Latin and English language artists. With two stages and over 19 acts, ranging from Paulina Rubio, John Legend, Ozomatli, and Snoop Dogg, the line-up offered something for everyone. With food trucks, a vendor village, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship trailer, this was truly a family friendly event. The festival appealed to a wider age range and more diverse audience than the electronic centered HARD and Indie focused FYF.  . Attracting a relatively modest attendance of 8,000, the event was comfortable and the crowd relaxed, with plenty of room and space to grab a little shade beneath our alders, sycamores and willows.

HARD Summer




UFC trailer at H20









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