Orange Bishop

We spotted this brilliant little flash of orange outside the office window recently. After a busy event season it’s a nice reminder that the park is, after all, still a park, providing valuable habitat for birds during migratory season.  While we are used to seeing a familiar cast of avian characters – great egrets, western meadowlarks, red-tail hawks, and killdeer – this little guy was a bit of a mystery. But it didn’t take long to discover that the orange bishop, also know as a weaver finch, is actually native to sub-Saharan Africa and was introduced into Southern California in the 1980’s.  State Parks often emphasizes the importance of native plant and animal species. But it’s rare to find undisturbed native habitat anywhere in California, let alone in an urban setting like Los Angeles. So while we strive to support native species, odd,  colorful interlopers like the orange bishop are to be expected, and fun to be occasionally admired.


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  1. fergie newbaker

    Orange bishop at my feeder yesterday. thanks for your information. so exciting. (in long beach)

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