PARKS PEOPLE : Alexis Carrasco

Alexis CarrascoImage

Maintenance Park Aide at Los Angeles State Historic Park            

Birthplace: Venezuela

Elizabeth (Park Interpretive Specialist) : Whats it like working here, how do you feel about being at this park?

Alexis: Everyone in this world is born for some reason. I think it’s time for California to think about when the state park began. I think the old system has to change a little bit, each moment, each year. For me Mr. Sean [Woods] is like a channel. I can share with him, he is like a channel.  Another boss could be more like a wall. We need to remember how the parks started. The problems are not about money, they are about people having goodwill in each moment, each day.

I feel comfortable at this park. I can express my real self here. Your mind your heart your goodwill can go together. We need to find a place where people understand us to work together for only one idea to make better this world and this park, every day. In each moment we make something good for the big consciousness. We are together like this plant, like this dog, like a worker, like the police, everybody in this city in this world, we are together. This is my opinion, we are growing all the time.

When I started here, for me it was a big big opportunity, because it was the first time I worked for the government. When I saw the situation inside the institution I see a lot of problems, but the problem is people who are holding onto old ideas. Things are all the time changing. We have a future here. Especially this park. Here is a family, you can find a mix and integration. New ideas and Mr. Sean [Woods] approaches me, it feels so good when people do this to make better each moment, each person, each situation.

E: What do you think about having green space in the center of LA?

A: It’s a very good choice. When I came here for the first time in this country, my idea was to make a little park around the city. Put coffee, planting, space for people to share. But Los Angeles is big and politicians make it difficult to make a holistic idea. We have to work a little every day to make something. We have to get consciousness. Each moment in your head, your heart, your body, all the time. Don’t forget because we are together. Everything has integrity.  In this park in three seasons, my experience here is a growing wonderful experience. If tomorrow I had to go to another place I’d keep the experience in my heart because its making me more open.

You have to watch out for ego in the human nature. When the people really know the truth, people are open, you can feel it. When people are closed, inside like a rock, they need more attention and more love.  In this park a lot of problems happen all the time, because people are confrontational, but that is an opportunity, something is growing out of this.

E: Do you have a favorite spot in the park?

A: No, for me everything is good.

E: That’s a good answer.


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