LA NOIR : In A Lonely Place (1950)


for the second film in our LA Noir outdoor series, curated by Gina Dell’ Amico and Jakob Brugge and conceived of by Park Interpretive Specialist Elizabeth Sonenberg.

 SEPTEMBER 26th : 8 PM : Nicholas Ray’s In A Lonely Place (1950)


In the Viaduct, viewers have a breathtaking view of the illuminated Los Angeles skyline from under the massive concrete vaulted ceiling. The film is projected against the concrete wall (actually the Gold Line incline) under the bridge, and the train whizzes by overhead throughout the evening. There will be a campfire for roasting marshmallows, and a popcorn machine. We have hay bales and outdoor chairs for seating, and folks are encouraged to bring blankets and beverages. The event is free and open to the public, so please, ENJOY!


The Historic North Broadway Bridge traverses the north end of Los Angeles State Historic Park.  The Beaux Arts bridge was built in 1901 and is one of the twelve historic bridges that crosses the LA River.  California State Parks realized that this architecturally beautiful bridge, particularly the underside, was underutilized and not easily accessible to the public.  In an effort to connect with the burgeoning downtown arts community, we’ve been working to create programming that will engage the public with the park in new and exciting ways. We conceived of the LA Noir series as a way to bring the public to the bridge to enjoy film in an unusual and historic setting.   The North Broadway Bridge was originally called the “Buena Vista Viaduct.”   Thus, The Viaduct.Image

++ Additionally the Viaduct space highlights the adaptability of nature as it functions as a habitat for cliff swallows whole build intricate mud nests on the underside of the concrete bridge!!


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