check out our write up in the LA WEEKLY’s best of issue– Listed as one ofthe best music venues in LA!

Best Massive, Nearby Festival Venue: L.A. State Historic Park
We’ve got nothing against the far-flung Southern California locations where music festivals are being held with increasing regularity. Except for the fact that they’re often deep in the desert and, when you take into account the traffic, often require a half day of traveling to and fro. Why bother going so far when we’ve got a huge, highly functional festival area right on the edge of Chinatown? It’s 32 acres of prime dancing, drinking and cavorting real estate, and it’s right off the Gold Line, so there’s no need to drive home. From the HARD festivals, which cater to electronic music, to FYF, which is largely indie, to H2O, which focuses on Latin music and hip-hop, L.A. State Historic Park has just about everything, and you won’t have to burn through half a tank of gas to get there. Just go soon — in 2014 it will close for a year for renovations. 1245 N. Spring St., Chinatown. (323) 441-8819, –Ben Westhoff


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October 14, 2013 · 1:41 pm

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