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Last night Olivia Chumacero and the Everything is Medicine community (http://everythingismedicine.wordpress.com) worked tirelessly to build beautiful alters commemorating Dia de Los Muertos. They kept a ceremonial fire burning all through the night as they moved from alter to alter conducting different traditional Tongva ceremonies to honor the dead. The alters are surrounded by soft white sand dolphins which are central to the Tongva creation myth.

There are personal alters, alters honoring Mayan women who died in sex trafficking rings, LGBT alters, and an alter shaped like a canoe honoring Filipino’s who have passed. These alters will be left at the North end of Los Angeles State Historic Park until they decompose and are reunited with the land.

The ceremonies continue all through today, and its traces will stay in the soil.

When I arrived at the ceremony site this morning, everybody was on the edge of sleep. Once they have rested up I will be speaking Olivia Chumacero about the ceremonies and the symbolism in these offerings. You should expect an interview in the upcoming days…

I had such a beautiful morning. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.



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November 16, 2013 · 1:52 pm

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