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Los Angeles State Historic Park is located at 1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles CA, 90012. The park is open from 8:00am to sunset, everyday. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the park please  call (323) 441-8819.

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  2. Today (Sun, 7/25/10) there was kind of a mini-flea market sort of think at the park. It was the first time I had seen it there, and I was wondering, how often is it?



  4. dou

    I’m a (delicious) BBQ caterer and food vendor. How do I apply to provide food at events at the park?



  5. Rick Farber

    How can I arrange for historical walk of the park for a group of 20
    from the Sierra Club ?

  6. vida vierra

    To whom it may concern- I have just learned that the Anabolic Monument northern space which has been lovingly nurtured with Native plants and now has fertile soil will be made into a parking lot- IS THAT TRUE? If so-WHY?

    • Thank you all for your concern and interest in the park. There seems to be a lot of misinformation being generated about the Anabolic Monument and the future park. In January, State Parks will begin construction of the full-build out of the 32 acre space, Los Angeles State Historic Park. The new design, which is the result of over 65 public meetings and 12 years of planning, will triple the amount of green space and double the amount of trees in the park. The reason this park construction is allowed to move forward during the current budget crisis and last year’s proposal to close 70 State Parks is because we have been able to become economically self-sufficient through our Special Events program. This allows the park to remain open and free to the public most of the year. We work closely with Metro to encourage public (and bicycle) transportation to all of our of events (Metro extends its hours to 2am during our larger events.) Last year, it is estimated that over 50% of our attendees came to the park in this manner. The Anabolic Monument, which began in 2005, was always envisioned as a temporary 2-year art installation. Due to delayed construction, we have allowed the Metabolic Studio continued access to the site until park construction in January 2014. State Parks has always been very clear that the Anabolic Monument is a temporary feature. In our discussions with Metabolic Studio representatives, they understand and agree that this is the arrangement. We will be working with Metabolic Studio consultant, Olivia Chumacero to relocate most of the native plants to a nursery during construction so that they can be replanted after construction. We are also working with Olivia on establishing an alternative ceremonial circle that can be programmed during construction. It needs to be made clear we are not building a parking lot in that area for special events. The northern 12-acres of the site will become a biologically diverse, seasonal wetland and upland habitat, however, due to decrease in event capacity in the main event lawn and increase in trees and green space, we will need to utilized a transitional area along the Gold Line side of the wetland for a “back of the house” staging area for some of the larger events (about 4 times a year.) I hope you can appreciate the fact that we are trying our best to balance some many needs and wishes of the community on this little 32-acre site. You can view the Park Master Plan and Environmental Impact Report at

  7. J

    Will The Park be closed for all of 2014?

    • Hi J,

      Thanks for your question. The park will close in January 2014 for its “build-out” phase. It is expected to be closed for the entire year. Stay tuned for updates.

  8. Christina Weber

    The phone number has a full mail box so I can’t leave a message but is there a lost and found for the park? I lost my wallet with some money and an ID at HARD on Sunday. Can you please let me know where I can call about items lost in the park?

  9. Good evening,
    My name is Ana and I am a current resident in Koreatown, Los Angeles. I have been attending most of the events held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park since 2010. I must say, these events really bring extra life to the park as well as create long lasting memories and create bonds between people. I really admire the fact this park allows events liken H2O festival and FYF! to happen there. However, as I came across an article online, I realized many of the people living around the park are upset about these and other events going on in the historic park. To which I would like to ask a couple of questions, in hope to getting an answer in return.
    -Why is the community around the L.A. Historic Park upset about events going on there?
    -As a community, what do you feel we can do to help lessen the amount of people complaining about these events happening at the park?
    -How do these events help the park?
    -Is there an specific person I could write a letter to show my support towards the events at the L.A. Historic Park in hope they continue them?

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