Concerts & Events

Welcome to Los Angeles State Historic Park Special Event Page. Events are added though out the year.


2013 Event Season

July 20th &21st Renegade Craft Fair 


August 3rd & 4th HARD Summer Music Festival


August 17th H2O Music Festival 


August 24th & 25th FYF Festival




September 21st 5k Dance Party



October 17th-20th Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s Presents Big Top 




November 2nd & 3rd HARD Day of the Dead 



2012 Event Season

July 28th & 29th Renegade Craft Fair

Aug 3rd & 4th Hard Summer Music Festival

Aug 11th The California Youth Connection 5K Walk

Aug 25th H2O Music Festival

Sept 15th Tour de Fat

Oct 13th Los Angeles Decompression

LA Decompression 2011

For special events scheduling contact Ranger Fulmer (323) 863-3365


32 responses to “Concerts & Events

  1. Karen

    I heard there was something happening this Saturday at the LA Historic Park with Native American music. I can’t find anything on your site regarding park events. Please let me know the details. Karen

  2. ivy gutierrez

    good morning,
    was wondering if i could get any information on the pow wow for this year (2011), was looking in your event calendar and didn’t see the pow wow for this year on there. if i could get the month and day it’s going to start that would be great. thanks alot

    ivy gutierrez

    • Hi Ivy,

      Thanks for the comment. At this point we do not have any information on the pow wow, but as we find out more, we will be sure to keep you updated. Also, feel free to email me at and I can keep you updated via email.


  3. Ed

    Your website should be kept up tO date.
    It is put together very nice, but has very little information about events.

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for the comment. As far as our concerts and events page goes, each image is a link to the actual event hosts website. If you click the “Tour De Fat” image, for example, it will take you to New Belgium’s official site and you can find all the info for their event there. At this point we do not have a special event scheduled until December, but we will be sure to make it more clear where more information can be found in the future. Again, thanks for the comment and we hope to see you in the park soon!


  4. faby

    Is the h2o festival a standing event

  5. patricia martinez

    Hi,I would like to know WHO Is in charge Of the food consetion or if Its any oportunity to be part Of any event. Any reply Is greatly appreciate.

  6. Jay

    Does anyone know the max capacity at this park for a concert? Wondering what max occupancy Swedish House Mafia will hold in 2013

  7. meghan


  8. Hello, is there any way to subscribe to your calendar of events? We are a neighboring business and the festivals greatly affect us because it closes off our parking.

  9. Liki garcia

    I heard that on november 3rd 2012 at the los angeles SHP there was going to be a dia de los muertos event? But i dont see anything going on…… Could this be a mistake? Thank you

  10. Daniel Bergeron

    How in the hell did Hard Fest get permitted to run so late, at such high volume?? I live a couple of miles away, in a concrete building, and it is still incredibly loud. A lot of my neighbors are pissed, as well. This really sucks…

  11. Karen

    Where can we find a list of events happening in the park that is kept updated? Once in a while we drive over and some event is happening preventing our use of the park. It is a waste of gas and time. We realize the importance of raising money for the park and having a variety of uses, but someone/somewhere needs to tell those of us who consistently use the park when we can’t use it. An up-to-date calendar would be fine. Thanks!

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your comment. Our next event in the park is happening March 8th-9th. The park will be closed to the public from 6:00pm on March 7th-8:00am on March 10th.

  12. “Concerts & Events | Los Angeles State Historic Park” was a delightful posting,
    can’t help but wait to go through a lot more of your posts.
    Time to squander a bit of time online haha. Thanks
    for your effort -Edison

  13. Nico

    For this weekends event how is the parking situation going to be at the actual park? Do you have a dedicated lot for festival goers? Is there street parking?

  14. Suzy

    We are taking a party bus on Sat Mar 9. where can the driver drop us off and come back to pick us up

  15. jenn

    There is a lot open for $30 on Main and Sotello St that closes at 1 am.

  16. Karen Sauers

    I’m pretty sure the Renegade Craft Fair is July 20 & 21–not–July 27 & 28, 2013!

  17. Juanita minjares

    Whens the powwow?

  18. Talia

    Does your venue have its own box office where I can buy tickets there?

    • Hi Talia,

      No, we are a state park that hosts the events. Other than being the site where they take place we are not involved. For ticketing contact the promoter.

  19. Caroline

    I truly think all these events are really amazing! thanks for that! I would like volunteering for one of them. Do you know where I can apply for?
    Greetings from Iceland!

  20. Taylor Jaynes

    Going to the Hard Day of the Dead show Nov. 2nd & 3rd. Are there any restrictions on what I can bring into the venue or on what I can wear. Thanks, T.J.

  21. Amanda

    I currently lost my ID to enter hardfest this weekend. I have a college ID (photo) birth certificate, my bill statement, and I have an interim license which I got today. I really hope I could get in with all of these items. I’ve been stressing out a lot.

  22. Nadia

    we need more events like these for the upcoming 2014 year…went to most of them this year all were fun!!

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