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Arch Dig 2010!

The back hoe begins to move dirt.

With the rise in temperatures, summer is upon us, and summer here at Los Angeles State Historic Park means archaeological digs! Some of you may remember last November’s dig and last June’s dig, both of which explored the remnants of car shops left by the Southern Pacific Railroad. For this dig they are working about 150 feet south of where they dug before, this time they hope learn more about the foundation of the roundhouse (a building in which trains can be moved with ease from garage back to train tracks). As the dig continues, we will post more photos of their exciting discoveries.

Mike Sampson measures the height of the roundhouse foundation.

An exposed clay pipe!



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More News From “The Dig”

Well Mike Sampson and his team have returned once again to LASHP, this time opening up the ground 200 feet south of their original dig. Mike excitedly explained to me that the bricks pictured below are the foundation for the round house, circa 1870’s (the various sheds where locomotives could be worked on).

Look by his right foot for the exposed brick foundation

Along side the foundation, various vitrified fire bricks were discovered. From what Mr. Sampson told me, he thinks this bricks once lined the coal burning oven that drove steam trains which would have been serviced in this exact location.

Vitrified Fire Brick

While searching for the foundation, the layers of dirt were subsequently exposed and I learned today that the line of gray that you see in the photograph below is made up of track bedding (the gravel that was laid down prior to the actually train track) from the 20th century. Anything below that dirt line is from the 19th century or earlier.

And finally here is a photograph of some broken glass I noticed in the dig site. I am not sure of its historical significance but I wanted to share the picture.

So remember, we aren’t called Los Angeles State Historic Park for nothing. ;)

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