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Birds at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Wondering what birds may be found at Los Angeles State Historic Park? Look no further than this video to see a sampling of all the great birds that utilize our park. Birds included in the video are the Black Phoebe, the American Crow, Killdeer, Say’s Phoebe, Cliff Swallow and the Western kingbird. Any questions call Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819

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Great Egret Sighting!


What Fine Feathers You Have.

Exciting news today, a Great Egret graced our park this morning around 10:00am. It moved slowly and deliberately around the park, searching and exploring through tall Deer Grass and under Arroyo Willows. He or she seems to have a taken a liking to our park, due to the fact that last night it soared over our modular building at the north end.


A Regal Bird.

It’s always a treat when our neighbors who call the Los Angeles River home, stop by and say hi to Los Angeles State Historic Park. Who knows once the rains come and restore our seasonal wetland, maybe we will be seeing more of this Great Egret. In the mean time, enjoy these photographs.

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