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Birds at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Wondering what birds may be found at Los Angeles State Historic Park? Look no further than this video to see a sampling of all the great birds that utilize our park. Birds included in the video are the Black Phoebe, the American Crow, Killdeer, Say’s Phoebe, Cliff Swallow and the Western kingbird. Any questions call Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819

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Wildlife Update 2/10/10

A quick walk through Los Angeles State Historic Park today reviled that the park is pulsing with late winter wildlife. What follows are a few photographs showcasing all the residents that call LASHP home.

Dozens of Ladybugs were spotted sunning themselves.

European Honey Bee's were busy collecting nectar from Arroyo Lupine

A Black Phoebe searches for food

A Black Phoebe catches a juicy caterpillar!

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Black Phoebe sighting!

As twittered last week, we follow up with a photograph of a Black Phoebe that is enjoying the park as much as we do. A few quick facts about the Black Phoebe…
1. Black Phoebes are flycatchers and prefer water ways and open grassy areas to catch their prey.
2. They build mud nests, but unlike swallows, they nest alone not in large groups.
3. They can found through out the Los Angeles region through out the year.

Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe

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