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A Cal Poly Student Submisson

An abstract of LASHP by Carly McNeill

An abstract of LASHP by Carly McNeill

Today we bring you an abstract created by Carly McNeill; she is a landscape architecture student at Cal Poly Pomona. For one of her classes, she was asked to create an abstract of the park based on her first impression. We love it and we hope you enjoy it too. If you have any art inspired by Los Angeles State Historic Park, send it to Thomas at tcarroll@parks.ca.gov.

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New Guest Video

Today we bring you a video of L.A. State Historic Park done by Matthew Geldin, a student at Cal Poly Pomona. This video was done as part of a larger assignment concerning the future designs of LASHP through the lens of landscape architecture. Here is how Matthew describes his ideas behind his work “The purpose of this assignment was to express our initial reactions from our first visit to the park. I was especially interested in the soundscape as it expresses not only what and where the park is, but also what it will be someday. Visually, I tried to convey my experience with the focal-plane as much as the images themselves. As the video progress, the images play a more defined roll– some are meant to echo each other, while others stand alone.”

Please enjoy! And if you photos or videos you want us to see, send them to Thomas at tcarroll@parks.ca.gov and we will put them up here.

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