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Thank You For All Your Help Planting Trees!

It was a great success; thanks very much to all the volunteers who came out!

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♫ Where Have All The Flowers Gone ♪

Where are the African Daisies?

Many of you who have passed by the northern edge of the park recently may have found yourself wondering, “where have all the flowers gone?” The reason why the sea of yellow and orange has been flooded with a layer of brown mulch is two fold. The first one being that we here at Los Angeles State Historic Park want to preserve the history of Los Angeles and an important facet of that is the horticultural history of L.A. That is why you will only find native plants growing within the boundaries of LASHP (aside from the plantings inside the anabolic monument, the circle at the north end of the park). Not surprisingly, African Daises are not native to Southern California and the decision was made to remove them.

So what are we going to plant in their place? Come April 17th, thanks to a generous grant from the California State Parks Foundation, Northeast Trees (a local non-profit) along with dozens of volunteers will be planting 150 trees around the north end of the park. We’ve brought in truck loads of mulch to create a more hospitable environment for soon-to-be new neighbors. The Earth Day is open to the public and planting will begin around 10:00am for all those who may interested. It may be a bit of an eyesore at the moment, but come mid-April, we might actually have some shade and the foundation of a new native plant garden at the northern edge of the park.

Fresh load of mulch getting dropped off


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