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March for Water 2009

Come to Los Angeles State Historic Park on Sunday, March 22 at 9:00am to march for water conservation and water awareness. From MarchforAwareness.com

This march seeks to help bring attention to the present water crisis taking place all over the world, our nation, the state and the City of Los Angeles. We believe that the current “crisis status” stems from the poor management of this resource at all levels.

We chose March 22nd so our march would coincide with World Water Day. Through this march we take on the commitment to bring people together on this most important topic and resource. While bringing awareness to local issues relating to water, we also have an opportunity to bring attention to world water issues impacting fellow humans around the world.

Only about 2.5 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh and suitable for drinking. Climate change, pollution, and the unsustainable use of water are depleting this limited supply. In Peru, nearly all drinking water comes from glaciers that are melting fast and may be completely gone by 2015. Across Africa, all 667 major lakes are drying up. Lake Chad, once the third-largest lake in Africa, has shrunk by 90 percent.

The march is from LASHP to Rio de Los Angeles State Park (roughly 3 miles), so wear good walking shoes, bring money for food and your own reusable water bottle. Click here for more infomation

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