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Birds at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Wondering what birds may be found at Los Angeles State Historic Park? Look no further than this video to see a sampling of all the great birds that utilize our park. Birds included in the video are the Black Phoebe, the American Crow, Killdeer, Say’s Phoebe, Cliff Swallow and the Western kingbird. Any questions call Thomas at (three two three) 441-8819

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Fine Feathered Friends

Here are two shots of birds spotted in the park today. The first up is a Western Meadowlark proudly displaying their yellow belly. Followed by our friend and frequent visitor, the Say’s Phoebe, keeping a sharp eye out for the next tasty bug.

The Western Meadowlark

The Say's Phoebe

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The Birds Have Been Identified!

Thanks to reader Tim Hadja for identifying both mystery birds!

The first mystery bird, he identified as a White-crowned Sparrow, which is a large Sparrow that likes open fields with brushy patches. He mentioned that they are one California’s most common winter birds. For more info on the White-crowned Sparrow follow this link.

Immature White-crowned Sparrow

The second mystery bird (the bird featured in the video) he identified as a Say’s Phoebe. He mentioned that it can found year round in Los Angeles, snacking on insects. For more information on the Say’s Phoebe follow this link .

Say's Phoebe

Thanks again to our reader Tim for the help and if you see a picture of bird you don’t recognize in our park send me an email at tcarroll(AT)parks(DOT)ca(DOT)gov

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