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Fine Feathered Friends

Here are two shots of birds spotted in the park today. The first up is a Western Meadowlark proudly displaying their yellow belly. Followed by our friend and frequent visitor, the Say’s Phoebe, keeping a sharp eye out for the next tasty bug.

The Western Meadowlark

The Say's Phoebe

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Western Meadowlark

While out on our weekly scout for LASHP’s dog of the week we were lucky to catch a glimpse of an unusually stationary Western Meadowlark. We’ve seen quite a few Meadowlarks in the park recently but not been able to get very satisfying photos. Here, at least we are able to see the striped detail on the feathers, the yellow coloring, and long, pointed bill. So strange that this one did not immediately fly as we approached. Another nester, perhaps?




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