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About those Goats

On Friday we left you with a little goat teaser, so, here’s the lowdown. Our ungulate friends are here to help Farmlab/Metabolic Studio clear the Anabolic Monument for a new agricultural cycle.
The Anabolic Monument is the living progression of the Not a Cornfield art project consisting of a large circle of slowly decomposing cornstalk bails. The wildflowers we are enjoying right now at LASHP were first cultivated, allowed to bloom, and drop their seeds within the sculpture. The Anabolic sculpture and annual bloom of wildflowers are a unique display of the unusual partnership between Los Angeles State Historic Park and Metabolic Studio.


poppies and lupine

poppies and lupine

So the six goats, and one very strange deer/sheep hybrid, are here to help clear the way for what’s next in the Anabolic Monument. We can’t wait to see what our neighbors have in store for us.

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