Your Stories

We here at the Los Angeles State Historic Park want to hear your stories and memories of the park. They could be about recent memories of a nice day spent strolling through the marigolds or stories from long ago when the site was still the Southern Pacific Rail Yard. We will then post your stories on the blog for all to read.

Post your stories in the comment box below!

5 responses to “Your Stories

  1. Keleigh

    I have spent quite a bit of time in the park, but I must say that one of my most enjoyable days there was during summer. It was a beautiful day and I sat with my nearest and dearest as we watched the beautiful skyline of downtown and munched on juicy pomegranate.

    It is always pleasant at LASHP and I will be back.

  2. My wife and I took our 13 month old daughter to te park recently, it was a beautiful Spring afternoon. When we sat on the grass we realized it was teeming with ladybugs and our daughter had her first real interactions with them, it was such a joy to watch her react with wonder and smiles as they crawled onto her and as she watched them fly away. It was also great to be able to point out the trains as they went by.
    As we were leaving a ranger invited us to a campfire and a wildlife show they were having, unfortunately past her bedtime but we definitely plan on coming back and taking advantage of that wonderful amenity.

  3. Joe Gonzalez

    I visited the park today for the very first time and had a good time riding my bike.Last week I was visiting some parks in Michigan and they’re amazing so at first I hesitated to go into this park because there are just a few trees and it doesn’t look that beautiful but I must confess I had a good time..the weather was nice too and that helped a lot..something I loved about this park is the corn field as well as the L.A. skyline =D

  4. I recently just moved back to LA, specifically Chinatown and was delighted to see the park looking so green and alive. It’s in walking distance from my house, so I plan on going there regularly. I remember several years ago watching local children’s films from the Echo Park Film Center in the middle of the cornfield with popcorn and haystacks. It was awesome! Now, coming from nyc, where the parks are not taken for granted one bit, I am very grateful that this expanse of land was transformed into a park. I look forward to watching it flourish.

  5. I just found this gem of a park. And what a history. I hear that the park system is planning to bulldoze the marigold ring and all the work done over the past years by the group associated with the Annenburg Foundation. This is TOO sad. Why not leave that acre (or so) the way it is, in the hands of Olivia? It makes a powerfully positive statement. I learned about local plants and the indigenous Los Angeles tribes that used that land for centuries. The new park (by city hall) in Santa Monica honors the Tongva people by giving it their name This land honors them through beauty and education. Please honor the native people of this land we live on and keep the small plot of land available for ongoing education about native species, human and plant alike! This is a public need.
    We learn how to move forward by understanding where we have been. How many signatures are needed for the California Park system to keep this project going? The park is large. Surely one acre can be designated for these purposes.
    This is not just about the past. Everyone I saw pass through this plot were delighted by what they experienced there. It has such life, such imagination. It inspires creativity, and a love for Los Angeles.

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